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Foundation Initiatives

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Our Uvalde Response

After the horrific May 24, 2022 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas,  the Elizondo Foundation jumped into action and contacted affected Uvalde Community members and provided support.

The Orona Family

Hello my name is Oscar Orona, I am the father of Noah Orona. My son Noah was in room 112 at Robb Elementary during the shooting. Both his teachers as well as several of his classmates were shot and killed that day. Noah also sustained a gunshot wound in the back but only through the shear grace of God he managed to somehow survive.

Mr. Arturo Elizondo and The Elizondo Foundation were one of the first to reach out to us through a mutual friend.

Upon meeting Mr. Elizondo we knew he was different. All he wanted to do was make a difference in Noah’s life. A complete stranger shared his kindness and generosity with Noah. We were overwhelmed by his kind and loving nature. He continues to call and check up on Noah. A true hero, he is quiet and modest, yet he has made such a difference in Noah’s life.


We cannot thank you or your organization for your generosity and support. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.


The Vasquez Family

We are so grateful for the experience our family was able to share. The time away, together, helped us realize that the fact that we have each other is all we really needed. Life is short, and you should never take a second for granted. The Elizondo Foundation brought us closer and gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a memory that we’ll cherish forever.

Thank you so much for all you did for us.

The Ballesteros Family

The Elizondo Foundation has not only been a blessing to my family, it has also been a blessing to my community of Uvalde. Mr. Elizondo right away asked how can we help after the horrific day of May 24th. The foundation donated from paper goods, toiletries, laundry detergent, toys and so much more to the affected families. Families needed to take their children to San Antonio for medical care and the foundation was right there donating gift cards to help with fuel expense.

I along with my family were blessed to have distributed these items and gift cards for the foundation and to tell you the truth this was by far the hardest…walking up to each families home. The Elizondo Foundation not only helped our community it helped me start my healing process.


The Elizondo Foundation has been a God send to my family and my community of Uvalde.

The Chavez Family

There are not enough words on how much we appreciate the kind gestures of the The Elizondo Foundation.


During our hardship, after the tragedy on May 24 in Uvalde The Elizondo Foundation quickly stepped up and offered to help. They reached out through a family member and donated several heb gift cards to my family to help with gas and groceries which were a tremendous help. But they did not stop there......we were also blessed with a week get a way to Corpus Christi in a very beautiful condo. This trip helped us out more than you can imagine. Both mentally and physically. 

My daughter who was a Robb Elementary student present on May 24 loves the beach and this was so beneficial for her to be able to relax and unwind at her favorite place.


From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Elizondo Foundation for all they have done for my family.


You're love and support during this difficult time did not go unnoticed. God Bless.

The Falcon Family

Hello friends!

We want to share the story of a family we are working with. Please take some time out of your day to read about their journey. We are planning a baseball themed road trip and need your help to make it happen!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 with 100% of donations going to the family to help with the trip and other expenses. Please visit our website if you’d like to contribute!

Here’s a message from JJ’s mom:

“Hi, my name is Catherine Falcon and I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I have two children that have been diagnosed with two of the hardest diseases a parent could ever have to face. One with a rare condition called Angelman Syndrome and another with bone cancer. The last year has been very tough on us since my 17 year old son was diagnosed with cancer.

We have had an entire year of treatments at MD Anderson in Houston, and JJ has tried 5 chemotherapy treatments and they have all failed. He has had a right leg above the knee amputation, a double thoracotomy (lung surgery) in August 2022, and right thoracotomy in November 2022 and was supposed to have left lung surgery but at that point his lungs were too weak to go back in for another surgery.

He just finished a clinical trial that looked promising to us. Last week we were given devastating news after two months of trying out this trial, and just like the other chemotherapy drugs, this trial did not work either. All the cancer spots in his lungs have grown 50% or more, and he now has two large nodules both sitting close to his airway on his right and left lung. We are told more than 30 spots are back in his lungs.

At this point we are going to put him on a maintenance pill that pretty much slows everything in him from growing. This is just temporary so he has time to spend with us.

Our goal is to travel so we can regroup and spend family time with JJ. We will be heading to the East Coast in a travel trailer and working our way up to New York to watch his favorite baseball player Jose Treviño of the New York Yankees. We have to do this now before he is not able to take this trip.

JJ is a senior at Santa Gertrudis Academy High School and is set to graduate on May 19th. He has always been an athlete playing baseball, running track and cross country as well as in 4H. He has been an ambassador for his county for the last 4 years. He has served our County as a volunteer working on school tours, trash clean ups and donating and leading others his age and younger. He is an honor roll student and overall a great kid. We will be doing this so he gets to spend time with his siblings and parents enjoying the sunsets and every second of what time God has left for him.

I am writing this to ask for help with our trip. We plan on taking a trip to Disney World in Florida and also seeing Niagara Falls as well as a few other adventures on the way. This trip will help us make memories with our son. If you have the ability to help us we would appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. All prayers are definitely welcome as the more prayers we get, the more God hears my son's name.

The Elizondo Foundation will be accepting donations on our behalf as they are coordinating this special trip with us. Please visit their website if you are able to help. Thank you for your consideration.”

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